Saturday April 5 2014 21:30

Tore Honoré Bøe / Kakawaka / Fredrik Olofsson

Tore Honoré Bøe: In addition to concerts on pure acoustic laptops with no additional effects, an intense listening experience that can be performed from a stage or in the room, Boe is doing “Music, even”, where he also include other instrumentation and prerecorded blocks of sound to present both new material and draw upon his entire solo soundarchive from 1984 to the present to recreate old material and mix it with new. Boe will even include material from albums like Siesta, Monokromosom, Confessions Of A Poolboy, Melting Snow and Viscum Album. Every set will be uniquely adapted to the situation. The concerts are intense, verging on the performative, as they are visual and tend to get physical.

“Boe is not unlike John Cage: a man of small sounds, but with the amplification used in rock concerts I am pretty sure this must have sounded massive. Musicboxes, piano bangs and obscured drones make up a great piece that receives a good applause from the audience. Well deserved.” – Frans DeWaard, Vital Weekly 604

“The live part tug at the end of your conciousness, like happenings outside your field of vision, while the recorded parts provide a muzz curtain elegantly highlighting the tinkle and clunk of the assembled art kitchen.” – The Wire

“The sounds posess a very natural inherent beauty, something that he is a very keen observer of.” – Roel Meelkop

Selected albums
Atlantis Of The North Split 10″ (Humbug 2010), Trollebotn CD (Silber Records 2007), Confessions Of A Poolboy CD (Humbug
2004), Suave Siesta CD (Purple Soil 2004), Kommerz – Merzbow remixed CD (Segerhuva 2004), Vardøgr CD (Silber Records
2002), The Nordic Miracle CD (Humbug 2002), Zenography CD (Jazzassin Records 2002), Fantomlust CD (Ignis Recordings
2001), Brook Split-CD w/Lull (Fario 2001) , Metamusikk – Kapotte Muziek Remixed (Ichor Recordings 2000), Siesta CD
(Jazzassin Records 2000), Commercial Album LP (Disaster Area 1998), Faqul CD (Ohm Records 1997), Sondring CD (dbut
inter@mbience 1996), Lat Att Grinda CD (komkol autoprod 1994), Number Zero (Metal Art Disco 1994)


KAKAWAKA: makes noise | 2001: hears someone yell “Rock ’n roll!” and believes that person is right | starts to record and publish music online on a yellow website | 2002: moves from Göttingen to Berlin | 2003: creates website together with Hardy Küster | first CDR release “rocknroll” on copyleftrecords | 2005: first self-released CDR “Computerpunk” | first performance together with Monopolka | first solo concert at Galerie Scherer8, Berlin; which also marks first use of a fork | 2006/07: one year in Tokyo, member of trio “Droise” with noise artist 23N! (Stéphane Perrin) and drummer Yōsei Takahashi | since 2007: concerts, concerts, concerts | 2008: Fork I breaks during a performance at Wallywoods in Berlin-Weißensee in front of almost no one | 2011: duo “Ika Wakakan” with Iku Sakan | starts to play acoustic balloon concerts with Seiji Morimoto | 2012: contributes to compilation “SBH_MIX_001” on the newly founded label “Small But Hard” | starts field recording duo “Geröllgeräte” with Hardy Küster | 2013: self-released tape “Ein fröhliches Lied auf den Lippen den Wandersmann kann nichts erschüttern” | mix/production work on the LP “Spirit World Circle Jerk” by The Ceramic Hobs | 2014: Kakawaka makes noise

Fredrik Olofsson


“it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”
- Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll
Fredrik Olofsson performs redQueen – an audiovisual system in which everything always goes faster. Sound and graphics spin around in an ever increasing speed – until it all comes to a complete standstill. redQueen is a piece that plays with the thresholds of human perception.

Fredrik Olofsson is educated in music composition at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm and at the Music College in Piteå. He writes software, builds electronics and performs live under the alias redFrik. Alongside commissions, workshops, residencies and live performances he is doing contract work for the project in Oslo and teaches computational art at Universität der Künste in Berlin.