Saturday, March 3rd 2012 @ 13:30-15:30

The HISStools: Convolution workshop for MaxMSP Taught by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay

The workshop will present a new set of tools for working with convolution and impulse responses in MaxMSP (HISSTools impulse response toolbox).

Rather than than being simply an exposition of these new externals, the aim of the workshop will be to provide participants with some theoretical background to impulse response measurement, as well as tools and practical skills to work with convolution for a range of applications (reverb, creative effects, measurement, speaker and room correction etc.).
The exact nature of the workshop would depend on the available resources, but areas to be covered include:
• Impulse response measurement of real spaces / electronic systems
• Speaker / room correction from IR measurements
• Mic correction
• Realtime and non-realtime convolution
• Deconvolution and inversion of impulse responses
• Non-linear convolution
Participants will have a chance to investigate the objects and techniques in small groups or individually, depending on the equipment available.
Participants will require a reasonably fast computer running MaxMSP. Soundcards / mics / hardware to measure etc. also useful but non-essential.

Instructor: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay collaborates on a variety of projects, manipulating sound and playing bass guitar. He teaches composition and improvisation at the University of Huddersfield in England. He is a member of ars circa musicæ(Sophie Aime, Paris), Splice(LOOP Collective, London), L.F.O. Orchestra and de type inconnu(Ora, Montreal).
He launched his first acousmatic album, alter ego, in 2006, the first album of ars circa musicæin 2007, and in 2008 the seventh album of [iks], the contemporary jazz ensemble he directed for eleven years. In 2009 he published La rage, a 50-minute suite for free-jazz drummer and electronics. He also worked on pop music projects in studio as producer and bass guitar, and is interested in video music and in DSP.

Fee: Free to Attend
Location: NK | Elsenstraße 52 | 2 Hinterhaus, 2 Etage | 12059 Berlin- Neukölln