SuperCollider Weekly Meeting

SuperCollider Weekly Meeting

We host a weekly SuperCollider Meeting which takes place every monday evening providing a space for sharing of code, and musical ideas through different artist presentations. Currently, plans are also underway for bringing the SuperCollider Symposium to Berlin in 2010 in collaboration with the Berlin SC_Symposium_Team.

Artist Presentations at the Weekly SuperCollider Meetings Links to Artists below in order of presentation dates most recent first:

Monday 11 January 2010
Julian Rohrhuber, Alberto de Campo and the IMM/UdK networkers

Monday, 30th November 2009
Hannes Hoelzl

12th November 2009
Jeff Carey

12th of October 2009:
Alberto de Campo

5th of October 2009:
Morgan Packard

17th of August 2009:
Nick Collins

13th of July 2009:
Dan Stowell

26th January 2009:
Daisuke Ishida

4th June 2009:

18th May 2009:

20th April 2009:

26th May 2009:

5th May 2009:
Morgan Packard
Andre Bartetzki