Wednesday May 30 2012 Doors 21:00


Ziegrastraße 15 12057 Berlin Germany

SUM OF R create slow moving episodes of hypnotic and perplexing music between noise, drone, doom and instrumental rock music led by a psychedelic understanding of ritual soundforms.

In October 2008, Sum Of R released their self titled debut album on the US based experimental/avantgarde/metal label Utech Records (James Plotkin, Runhild Gammelsaeter, Aluk Todolo, Nadja, Blood Fountains, The Stargazer’s Assistants, Final, Locrian, Horseback, Skullflower…) and a rare 4 track release called EP I on the Swiss electroacoustic/experimental/psychedelic label Hinterzimmer Records.
In 2010, three:four records released the LP compilation “Does your cat know my dog?” with artists like Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Sunn O))), Sonic Youth, Carla Bozulich and Ches Smith a.o. incl. Sum Of R’s chamber doom track: “Not Every Chamber Has A Door”.

Sum Of R has played live gigs with ASVA, Corrupted, Killl, Sir Richard Bishop a.o.

Reto Mäder: Bass, Electronics, Electroacoustics, Drums, Synthesizer, Effects
Miriam Wolf: Guitar, Synthesizer, Effects
Julia Wolf: Guitar, Effects

Past members:
Christoph Hess, Roger Ziegler

“Sum Of R’s sound shifts from doomed cinematic guitar descends to electric guitar music box-ism meets death tolling and the shimmering of 50′s sci-fi rise and ebb”. (Musique Machine)

“Sum Of R don’t really trying to oblige to specific genre but leaning on the mood and the expression of their output. You hear some SunnO))) riffs coming from the back, but then it becomes a post-apocalyptic Canadian post-rock, moves into the minor dark-ambient of the likes of Xela and The Fun Years.” (Hair Entertainment)

“The clock goes crazy, the sounds seem to flow forward and backwards at the same time. The sound sources merge into one another and silver vibrations create black whirls.” (Bad Alchemy)

“Sum Of R’s sound sit’s in an heady and atmospheric place between doom metallic’s, guitar drone craft, filmatic post-rock scaping, grim ‘n’ glighty ambience and general atmospheric dwell and unfold”. (Echoes)

PURE has been making electronic music under different monikers since 1992. Working in the darker and heavier domains of the sonic universe he creates hypnotic, soundtrack-like sound pieces using a mix of electro-acoustic composition, sound synthesis, and live electronics.
Since 2003 he co-develops and performs the award-winning Heart Chamber Orchestra. His latest album “Ification” was released on portuguese label Crónica. In 2010 he received his Master degree in Computer Music from the University of Plymouth.