May 12 & 13th 19:00-23:00


Documentary Screenings on the 12th
Fiction Screenings on the 13th

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*Filmouflage is a DIY film screening project that supports the exchange of short films and video art between Colombia and Berlin, aiming to break borders and communicate audiovisual producers/artists with new audiences. This is the screening of an exchange.

Berlin based group who has been working around the audiovisual creation and seeks to generate channels that reveal and share the productions made in Berlin with those being developed in Colombia. To do this, we have made over the past three years an open call in Berlin and Colombia, receiving hundreds of proposals in the format “less than 15 minutes”.

This idea stems from the desire to communicate through film what happens in two distant countries in territory but often not so distant in expression. For us, breaking border is important and this project seeks to connect filmmakers and gather people of all types around moving images to discover what those 9,000km want to tell them.